Every Woman Counts

Each of us can Make an Impact!

Impact Each Woman

Simple yet very powerful and meaningful. The interior is embossed with the names of all the important ladies in your life: MERE – SOEUR – FILLE – MOTHER – SISTER – DAUGHTER – MAMA – SCHWESTER – TOCHTER; which translates to Mother, Sister, Daughter in French, English, and German.

All net proceeds benefit Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world. Making it possible to help or save the lives of two people; mother and baby.

What is this campaign about?

Their focus is on ending preventable deaths at birth, which ideally begins well before conception with education, nutrition and prenatal care. Here is a full list of our programs that Every Mother Counts supports: http://everymothercounts.org/ourwork/. There is plenty of good to do in the world helping pregnant women safely go through pregnancy and that is the sole focus of Stella & Dot’s support for maternal health. We are proud to share the Enlighten Bracelet and all net proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will benefit programs Every Mother Counts supports, which link women to critical maternity care around the world. We have the ability to impact the lives of 2 people; mother and baby.

*All net proceeds essentially means that Stella & Dot does not make a profit on any Foundation accessories.

Sharing the message

I'm sharing this as there isn't one person that is reading this that isn't able to connect. Many women have encountered some sort of difficulty before, during or after their pregnancy or birth and we know at least one of them.

I have set a goal of selling 100 of these simple, delicate but very powerful messages to share the importance of healthy pregnancy and deliveries. If you are in anyway touched by this campaign, the message and knowing that Every Mother Counts join us. Share us with others you know because we can Make an Impact! You can purchase directly on my ebiz page or contact me.

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I enjoy my business and how we are always giving back to the community, touching the lives of women everywhere.