Motivation Project

Ethan Kloster


I do agree with this, if an employee isn't motivated they aren't happy and if the employee isn't happy then they aren't productive. It could also be flipped around that happiness=motivation=productivity, as happiness can inspire productivity in employees.

I think this because according to my research and other people who have researched this, employees need to be driven by something. They want to achieve a goal or a certain position or pursue some dream. They want a reason to want to come to work everyday.

Motivational Theory

Acquired needs theory by: Herzberg

His theory states it as a kind of parent punishment type of deal, his first theory is basically saying that if someone gives you a privilege it doesn’t really motivate you but if it’s taken away then they act like a child who had their toy taken away, it’ll motivate them to earn that privilege back.

His second theory is motivation by giving a privilege so if the kid isn’t used to having a toy and you tell them that if they behave or do this right then they can have a toy.


1. If we were to give employees a bonus for their hard work would it motivate them to work harder?

2. If we gave employees extra vacation time for their hard work would it make employees happy?

3. If we gave employees breakfast, lunch, and dinner, would it motivate them to come to work earlier and work later? (work harder)

4. Why are my employees unhappy and how can the company improve their moods?

5. Can people be motivated by others or does motivation have to come from within?

Answers to the Questions

1. I believe bonus pay for hard work would indeed make employees want to work harder. I believe money is a very influential thing in this world and bonus cash for working hard sounds pretty good to me.

No, employees who were paid more worked no harder than the employees who were paid less. However if it was a bonus with no strings attached it did increase productivity. So its dependent on what terms the bonus pay is presented.

According to my survey 100% of the people who took it agree that people would indeed work harder if they were given bonus pay for their hard work. Which does agree with my opinion but not with the research.

2. I personally think people would work harder for extra vacation time as everyone needs vacations! More vacation time will allow employees to unwind, relax, and get some rest!

Yes, 80-90 percent of people worldwide say that they feel happier and more rested with more vacation time. They also can be closer to their families and less stressed out. Some employees feel pressured not to use their vacation time as their bosses get upset with the employees who do use all their vacation time.

According to my surveys 100% of the people who took it agreed that extra vacation time would motivate them. Extra vacation time means time to get rested and you can be more productive.

3. If my job gave me free breakfast, lunch, AND dinner i would never leave work! Personally free food is the best food and if my job gave me free food i would never ever leave.

Yes, everyone loves free food, it motivates employees to come early for breakfast and work late since they can eat there. It’ll increase productivity and motivate people to come to work. It doesn’t have to be something fancy but something that’s fun and not something that is ordinary like Mcdonalds.

According to my survey 100% of people who took it agreed that they would come early and stay later if they were given breakfast, lunch, and dinner at work. Which who doesn't love free food!?

4. Some reasons employees may be unhappy is they may feel unappreciated for all the hard work they do or they aren't acknowledged for it. Another reason an employee may be unhappy at work is that they may feel overworked like they aren't given enough vacation time.

Some reasons your employees could be unhappy are, hiring managers that don’t know how to manage, not giving employees enough time off, and not appreciating your employees. How you can improve their moods is keep your employees feeling like their work is more than just a job, Grant time off to employees to pursue projects they are passionate about, mix up the companies usual way of doing things, and take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments.

According to my survey a majority people said they believe people are more unhappy than happy at work. A small amount said that they are more happy than unhappy at work.

5. I honestly believe it depends on the person everyone isn't specifically one thing. A person is either motivated by others, or motivated by their own initiative to be motivated on the job.

It depends on the person if you are intrinsic you want to do well on something or do something right because you want to do well on it and do something right. If you are extrinsic it’s because someone is offering you a reward for doing good or doing something right and that’s what motivates you to do it. So overall how you are motivated really depends on the type of person you are.

According to my survey it was split down the middle, 50% said it comes from others and the other 50% said it comes from within. But overall it clearly depends on who the person is.