The Importance of the Early Humans

By: Becky Shi


The Early Humans didn't look like us before. They were more ape like and shorter but, they have many achievements that are memorable. They lived 3.5 million years ago and were about 3 ft. Later on, they grew taller and taller and now we have us thanks to the early humans. Also, they taught us many things and had many great achievements.


One achievement the early humans had was that they used and invented fire. They used it to cook their food so they could eat it. They started using a fire in about 1.8 million years ago. Also, the early humans used fire for light when they traveled.

"Handy Man"

The Handy man or Homo Habilis were the first group of humans that used tools. Most of them were simple like rocks for chopping and flat rock for scraping and sharp objects to cut things up but they did know how to make them. This was important because million of years ago people already knew now to make tools and now we have cool tools for everything.
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Up top is a picture of the homo habilis using and making tools

How they have impacted life after them

One way was that they invented tools that we still use today like the bow and arrow and the spear thrower. The earliest tools were rocks and sharp rocks used for cutting but every group of early humans made it more and more advanced. Now we use knives, saws, hammers and many other tools. Without them, we wouldn't know how to use tools or survive. The early humans have helped us make our community better and easier to survive.

Another way was that the early humans impacted us was that they taught us how to use many things like the tools. The early people were hunter gatherers which meant that they traveled a lot and hunted for their food. They didn't live in one place. They also taught us how to make cave paintings and showed us their artwork.

Below is a picture of a cave painting the hunter gatherers drew

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