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Compass Elementary Staff Newsletter

October 14, 2016

First Quarter Grading Window

We made it through our first quarter of school! First quarter officially ends today! The grading window is now open and grades as well as comments to parents can now be entered through Wednesday, October 19th until midnight.

It is an expectation that all classroom teachers make comments to parents for all your students. Thoughtful comments that support the reporting of standards only enriches the understanding of anyone who looks at report cards. (ie. parents, students, and other schools). Generic comments are not necessary and are typically very transparent to those reading the report cards. Also, it doesn't look good if a parent has two kids and one teacher is leaving comments for students in his/her class and the teacher down the hall who has their other child is not.

First quarter report cards will be emailed home on Friday, October 21st.

Need Behavior Interventions?

Here is a great resource for anyone to use to assist with managing and supporting students in the classroom. It is simple to navigate and one that I would bookmark on your computer. There are great interventions and strategies at this site that you can use prior to signing a student up for SST, as well.

PBIS World

Running Record Levels and 1st Quarter Grade Card

***New This Year***

Instructional Reading Level - You will be utilizing the standards based grading scale to report a SBG score on the report card under the 'Reading" heading. The SBG score should be based upon where the student should be by the end of the year. The scoring guide for this can be found on the PCR3 Elementary Reading Correlation Matrix.

In addition, you will be required to report each student's "Instructional Reading Letter Level" in the comment section.

Comment Template:

Your child's instructional reading level is ______. By the end of the school year, the grade level expectation is _______. Your child's goal for next quarter is _____________________.

Kindergarten Example:

Your child's instructional reading level for 1st quarter is Below A. The end of year instructional reading level expectation for this grade is D/E. Your child's instructional reading goal for next quarter is B.

3rd Grade Example:

Your child's instructional reading level for 1st quarter is L. The end of year instructional reading level expectation for this grade is P/Q. Your child's instructional reading goal for next quarter is N.

Ex. You're child's instructional reading level is a Level M. My goal for your child is to increase one letter level by Quarter 2.

5th Grade Example:

Your child's instructional reading level for 1st quarter is Above W. The end of year instructional reading level expectation for this grade is V/w. Your child's instructional reading goal for next quarter is to focus on deeper comprehension of non-fiction texts.

Wobbly Stools

Classrooms will be getting their wobbly stools delivered after school on Friday. Workers from School Specialty will be delivering them once school is out. Yea!

PCR3 Foundation Fundraiser

Earlier this week we received the total raised by Compass students during our PCR3 Education Foundation fundraiser. The total raised for the PCR3 foundation was $1,937.00. The kickback our school will get is $775.00. This money will be deposited into the Compass Elementary student activity fund.

Fall Party Information

We had to adjust party times a little bit. Please make note of your class party time because it may be different than originally communicated.

9:15-10:05-Fifth Grade


11:05-11:55-Fourth Grade

12:35-1:25-Third Grade

1:30-2:20-Second Grade

2:25-3:15-First Grade

Quality Classroom Resources

Have you been looking for ideas for setting up your data wall? Looking for forms to assist students in tracking their learning goals? Need some new data notebook templates to use in your classroom? Here's a great resource to find templates you can use for all things QCI!

Quality Continuous Improvement

SST Referral Form

If you have a student you want to refer to SST (Student Support Team), please use the link below to submit your referral.

Compass SST Referral Form

Tack Board Update

It is looking like we are going to have our tack boards installed over the holiday break. Once the time comes we will communicate what needs to be done in order to allow for the tack board installation. At this time, all we know is the tentative date for installation.

Office Reminders

Teachers please initial ALL notes and/or lunch money coming to the office. This allows our office staff to check with the correct teacher should something happen. Also, when your students select candy from the STEP store, please do not allow students to bring the candy to lunch.

Earthquake Drill

We will have our first earthquake drill on Thursday, October 20th. Please review the following information with your students prior to the drill.

We will signal the start of the drill over the intercom. In a real earthquake your signal will be the beginning of shaking itself. After the announcement, inform your students that the earthquake drill has begun and to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Remain under a desk or table until the drill is complete. We will announce the completion of the drill after a couple minutes. In the event of a real earthquake, you would use your evacuation procedures to exit the building.


  • Ms. Peters whose father is having some health issues
  • Mrs. Cordova whose mother-in-law is having some health issues

Upcoming Dates to Know

Saturday, October 15th

  • Brea Austin's Birthday!

Monday, October 17th

Tuesday, October 18th

  • PTA Meeting-6:30 p.m. at Siegrist
  • Happy Birthday Carrie Gray!

Wednesday, October 19th

  • Leadership Meeting-7:45 a.m.
  • 1:45 early release day
  • Pirate's ROCK Celebrations
  • Black out day, No ALDs

Thursday, October 20th

  • Faculty Meeting-Innovation plan team meetings-7:45 a.m.
  • Earthquake drill-10:20 a.m. (Great American Shakeout)
  • School board meeting-5:30 p.m.

Friday, October 21st

  • Report cards sent home
  • Fall class parties


    Monday, October 24th

    • P/T Conferences 4:30-8:30 p.m.

    Tuesday, October 25th

    Wednesday, October 26th

    • Improvement team meetings

    Thursday, October 27th

    • P/T Conferences-4:30-8:00 p.m.

    Friday, October 28th

    • No school

    Have a great weekend everyone!