Gmail Password Recovery & Reset

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Technological advancements and things to remember for Gmail password recovery issues resolution

This article briefs you about effects of technological advancements and gives you idea about the possible solution for password recovery issues in Gmail. General Gmail errors and their possible solutions are also listed in the article.

In the present era of technology driven world everything has become so compact and convenient. Sitting at home user can get the information about anything by the means of internet and computer system. Computer is so intelligent that it can carry out multiple tasks at the same time. You can communicate with the distant person by the means of emails, chat, video calling, audio calling and lots more technological advancements available these days. There was a time when it was hard to meet our family and friends for long time. But today is the time when you can get in touch with every single friend and family member.

When first email service was introduced, people were amazed to use that invention as it allowed the transfer of text over radio waves. It was absolutely a miracle invention that was quite helpful. It was often used in communication for business purpose. Later it was issued by general public for personal communication as well. At that time hotmail and yahoo were popular email service providers which were providing the storage capacity of 2 to 4 MB of data. In 2004 a grand email service was introduced named Gmail which has given a tough competition to its competitors by offering 1 GB of storage facility which was much higher than others. Initially it was introduced as beta version but later in 2007 Gmail was available to general public and has given high advantages to its users. The most commendable quality of Gmail is that it keeps on adding new features and facilities to its service till date.
Gmail provide easy email composition, fast sending/receiving, labeling, categorization, customization, heavy attachments etc.

in addition to it Gmail also allow to do chatting, video calling, audio calling, conferencing, file sharing, pictures sharing, audio/ video sharing. Gmail has also updated themselves with hangout, blogger and Google+ to allow social networking. Easy conversation view and search oriented interface of Gmail make it similar to internet forum.

Gmail user sometimes may face issue in their Gmail account and problems are usually related to password. Gmail Password recovery is one of the common issues that one can face. Password resetting Gmail , password changing, forgot password are also some of the common Gmail problems. It is recommended to follow certain instruction while setting up the Gmail account that can prevent you from these password issues. Some of them are:

•While setting up Gmail account always register your mobile number so that you can reset your password through verification code sent to registered email id.

•Also set some secret questions that can be asked in case you forget your password and want to recover it

•Always set strong password that is hard to guess by other to ensure security.

•Keep on changing password from time to time for security.

Besides password issues you may also face certain issues such as verification problem, login problem, sending/ receiving error, connection error, sending delay and so on. For that you can communicate with support team that can help in sorting out your issue. provider which is a team of professionals providing excellent support to customers. You can share your queries with them at any given point of time as they are available 24x7 for support and help.
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