2015 Year in Review

Connor Cryan

1. In your opinion, what three companies marketed themselves the best and why?

1. Apple because they used very clean and memorable commercials that allowed customers to feel nice and simple with an iPhone by highlighting simple abilities of the phone in commercials. Apple sells electronics such as computers and phones.

2. Southwest Airlines because they pulled in many customers by emphasizing the cheap prices of tickets and repeatedly showing them throughout commercials to get the attention of people who want to fly. They are a very successful airline company today.

3. Nike because they used several endorsements from athletes such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Calvin Johnson. They make the product look better and help bring in customers who like them because these athletes are simply in relations with the brand. Nike sells a lot of athletic wear such as shoes and clothing.

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2. In your opinion, what are two of the best products that were introduced in 2015? Worst new products in 2015?


1. New iPhone 6s

2. Beats by Dre


1. Hover boards

2. Selfie Stick

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3. In your opinion, what were the top two movies of 2015 and what do you remember about how these movies were marketed?

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens- This movie was marketed very heavily through many companies and commercials over a span of several months. It was very successful because it used companies like Campbell's and big name TV companies like ESPN to market the movie frequently to bring in a variety of people to be hooked to the movie. They also highlighted many original characters in trailers and commercials so that the older audiences who watched the original movies would be more interested to see the film.

2. Jurassic World- This movie did very well marketing because it had a variety of commercials and billboards that were the main part of commercials before and during its release. It also targeted many kids by creating toys and games that influenced kids to go and watch the film.

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4. In your opinion, what were the top two musical artists of 2015 and what did they do to market their music well?

1. DJ Khaled- I chose him because he created very catchy music and heavily publicized himself while creating many catchy lines and a new brand to market himself.

2. Drake- I chose him because he created a lot of good and popular music through out the year. He also was prominent in the new with his relations with Meek Mill which helped publicize him as a rapper.

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5. Using the internet, find a 2015 “Top 10” list that you find interesting and list the top five from this list.

Top 10 NBA players of 2015

1. Steph Curry

2. LeBron James

3. Anthony Davis

4. James Harden

5. Russel Westbrook

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6. New Year’s Resolutions: List one goal you have made for yourself for 2016 in each of the categories listed below:


I will try to go work out and get active more often this year.

To be a better member of the family in engage in helping around the house more often.

I would like to try to improve my school skills and grades for this year.