Welcome to Rodan + Fields

Fusion Foundations: A Newbie's Guide to Getting Started

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Welcome to Rodan + Fields!

WELCOME to the team and CONGRATULATIONS on starting your Rodan + Fields Business! We are so excited to have you join us on this journey and we can't wait to see how R+F will bless you as you grow your organization! There is A LOT of information to absorb at the beginning but don't get overwhelmed....you can earn as you learn...so lean on your sponsor and upline so we can help you achieve your goals and get you on the road to success!
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Start Earning!

Our first goal for you is to hit Level Two by the end of your second full month in business so you can qualify for our fabulous new fast start program and get your ENTIRE initial investment back in the form of a bonus! This means that you have 2 people who join you in business and hit their first promotion by the end of your second full month of business.

1) Listen to this 7 Minute Welcome Call

Join one of our team's amazing Level 5 leaders, Lauren McSwain, as she walks you through what to do your first few days to get your business off the ground!

Dial-in information: 712-775-7029
Passcode: 643-916-010
Reference: #

or to listen from your computer, click here.

2) Make your List

Think of the people in your network that are driven, self motivated & coachable that you think would be great at this business! Don't fall into the temptation of pre-judging who will be interested - you never know!! So think of who you would love to partner with you in business and start your list! Remember we have just launched in Canada so it's a great opportunity to have people join your team internationally!

3) Start Talking!

Once you have your list, start reaching out to people. You don't have to know everything about our products & business to contact people and let your excitement shine through. Lean on your sponsor - let them do the heavy lifting for you! Not sure what to say?? Just be honest and be yourself! Share what you are doing, why you are excited about it, and why you'd love to work with them. Let them know that you'd like to send them some more information and get them on the phone with your friend to answer any questions they may have. Bring that phone call to your sponsor and let them answer all of the questions and handle the closing for you!

4) Set the Date for your Business Launch

You will discuss what this looks like in more detail with your sponsor, but this is a great way to get the word out about what you are doing and get your first month off to a great start as you secure Preferred Customers and start building your team! This momentum will really benefit you in the beginning - so try to schedule a launch before the end of your first month of business.

5) Pick Your Low Hanging Fruit

Think about people you know who will join your team or try the products right away - and encourage them to do the same! Our team will help get them trained while you are still learning. Set a goal of signing up 4 preferred customers within your first few days - this will help you build your customer base and hit your Executive Consultant (EC) promotion right away. This promotion will be your absolute minimum goal each month - ($600 in sales) - and is what allows you to maximize your commissions on your personal sales volume and to to get paid on your team and the generations below you.

6) Leverage your Sponsor and Team

Plan to connect with your sponsor on a weekly (if not daily!) basis your first few weeks in the business to get your questions answered and learn. Your sponsor will also walk you through a few Facebook groups as you get started where you can reference files, ask questions, and experience our awesome R+F community!

7) Plug Into a Weekly Training

Your sponsor will talk with you about the various training options available - pick one and commit to learning about our products and business

8) Stay Motivated and Consistent

Small amounts of consistent effort over time = HUGE results! So stick with it! This is not a get rich quick scheme - it is a legitimate POWER BUSINESS. Have a long term view...and have fun!

9) Policies & Procedures

And last but not least, please take the time to read our P&P's here! Any time you have compliance questions, this document is a wonderful resource.

Welcome to the journey...we are thrilled to have you!

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