Tamika Ward

Final Project EDU 697 Capstone

All ABout Me

Hi my name is Tamika Ward and Im a small town native from Texas. Born the second of four I am very family oriented and like to have fun. I was raised by my mother and shared many enjoyable moments as a child.

I have a wonderful daughter who is my inspiration, pride and joy. Having my daughter encouraged me to continue my education and set goals for myself. Also, it inspired me to set fourth to continue my education working with preschool age children

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As I begun my MALT program I dedicated myself to become more educated with the use of instructional design principles and theories. I developed my own personal philosophy statement on teaching and distribute to parents. I plan to become an advocate of children by promoting professional recognition of child care providers, improving my instructional skills in order to become a mentor to others, and becoming director of a small early childhood program


Tamika Ward


1234 Happy Lane



To become a childcare advocate for children of all ages. I want to mentor children and help them grow to become successful in life.


Assistant Center Manager

​July 2015 - present

​I assist the center manager in the daily operation of the center. I ensure program curriculum is being followed and monitored. I support teaching staff in daily routines and family- style eating. I assess and screen students in health and education screenings. I ensure staff follow Head Start performance standards.

Pre- K Three Teacher

​August 2007 - June 2015

I prepare lesson plans to follow weekly. I communicate with parents and other staff about the performance of each student and conduct home-visits as well as parent/teacher conferences. I monitor daily health checks and ensure a safe and diversity classroom setting.


​December 2007- July 2007 -

​I assist company employees with the daily operations monitoring of paperwork and caseloads. I finalized routine visits by head of office support. I managed multi- phone lines, fax machines and switch board message center. Helped organize and maintain daily communication between agencies.


Ashford University

​January 2013 - June 2014

Master's of Arts

Stephen F. Austin

​June 2008- August 2010

Bachelor's Of Science

Angelina College

January 2004- May 2007

Associate's in Applied Science



First -Aid Certified

C.I.R.C.L.E training

Program Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to learning using technology.

Demonstrate knowledge and skills in current and emerging instructional technologies.

Design learning opportunities that apply technology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the needs of all learners.

Apply research to support learning in a technology-enhanced environment.
Exemplify ethical practices of technology usage.

Evaluate technology resources to facilitate effective assessment and evaluation.

Utilize technology to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings.

Demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of learning and leadership.

◦From first to last, rank each PLO regarding its importance to you as an educator or potential educator

Most Importance

PLO 1, 2 & 3: I think you have to have a clear understanding on what it is that you are teaching in order to help someone else learn it.

Least Importance

PLO 5: I personally don't feel that ethnical plays a major part in learning outcomes

Between Importance

PLO 4,6,7 & 8: I believe it is good to do your research on things that you will be applying into setting. It's always good to assess what it is you are working with, this way if changes need to happen in order to make it better for others it can take place. All I feel that one should be able to monitor the progress of anything that is taught.

Program Learning Outcomes Redesigns

PLO #1

A child entering kindergarten may use fine motor skills to use the mouse to move a cursor to a target on the screen. Show awareness of the “power keys” on a keyboard "enter," "esc," "delete," and the space bar.Know the difference between the left and right mouse button.

Prior activity- In EDU601 activity was for child to learn about tools for technology.

Redesign activity- Child should use prior knowledge in finding the different keys on the keyboard.


Once the child has learned about technology tools then the teacher should make sure child is able to continue to revisit skills by providing activities that will test prior knowledge.

Prior activity- In my prior EDU 651 course student will listen to story read aloud on computer clicking mouse to navigate through story.

Redesigned activity- Child will demonstrate knowledge of story being read by drawing on word-pad using computer tools.

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Program Learning Outcomes Redesign

PLO #3 & #4

All students should have the chance to learn in their own way. No child is made like another and for that we have to use different approaches to the way we see our students learning and the way we teach .

Prior Activity- in a previous course EDU 602 Assessing Knowledge and Skills in Online Learning Environment I created the activity students would be tested on their ability to be tested over materials previous learned.

Redesigned activity- when redesigning the course I had students to do a hands-on project such as creating a bar that shows the ration of boys versus girls between ages nine and twelve. With this activity the students would make an visual aid to help guide others.

PLO #5

I personal feel that you learn to use technology in ways it has been introduced to you so there for I feel that ethnic can also grasp the meaning of technology gaining.

Prior activity- In course EDU 652 Design and Delivery you will monitor numbers given in order to gain a start of a series of number given in a math activity.

Redesign activity- Students will monitor number given after working through a short math activity.

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Top 10 Trends for 2015 in the fields of Instructional Design, Technology and Distance Education

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO #6 & #7

With anything that involves change will call for monitoring. Data changes within matters of seconds so being able to evaluate different materials will let you know if changes need to be made.

Prior activity- In a previous course EDU658 Instructional Leadership I came up with the activity to work in groups and take different sections of a science activity" butterfly life cycle" Each student was assigned a part that would ask of them to retell what they have learned about butterfly cycles of life.

Redesigned activity- I called for all student to make visual aid for their part as well as provide others with color mixing project that they see butterflies of nature change of colors.

PLO #8

Teachers who implement the use of technology should watch closely as student move through lessons taught.

Prior activity- teacher will watch as students work independently on computer using technical tools.

Redesigned activity- teachers help each individual child with one problem while moving through activity and asking questions to students to recall events of information

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