AG HR News - Special Edition

Seasonal Flu Shot Update

If you have health benefits through the Avon Grove School District, you and your eligible dependents are able to receive a seasonable flu shot at no cost to you. Most providers will bill your insurance directly. However, if a provider does insist that you pay when you receive the shot, you can complete the form in the box below to receive reimbursement directly from Blue Cross.

Where can I get a flu shot?

Most of our local pharmacies offer flu shots without any appointments. You can also receive one from your regular physician. Or, you can attend a flu shot clinic sponsored by the Chester County Health Department. Click the box below for a schedule of clinics.

Opt Out of Insurance?

If you are covered by the Avon Grove Education Association Collective Bargaining Agreement AND you opt out of medical insurance, the District will reimburse you for the cost for your individual flu shot if it is not covered by another insurance plan. To request reimbursement, please go to Frontline Central Forms and complete the Flu Shot Reimbursement Form.

Need Assistance?

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