October 10, 2039

Buildings and monuments are falling down!

There has been more buildings and monuments falling down in the past month than than last year. That is because of acid rain. "The Environment Defense Fund(EDF) article, "Why is it Better to Buy Green Electricity?", states that acid rain causes $6 billion a year in damage to crops, forests, lakes, and buildings." All this happens because of pollution like trains, buses, cars, trailers, and lots more. People can lose their jobs if they work at a certain building. If a lot people have a bank account in a building, and the building goes down, the bank can go bankrupt and people don't have their money. That can lead to not paying their bills, not paying their car and not buying foods for a few days. This can be bad for businesses. This is what can pollution can lead up to.

More people are dying because of diseases

You see more people dying now due to pollution and diseases. There are a lot of diseases caused by pollution. Some are lung and skin cancer, deafness, digestive disorder, blood pressure, sugar, digestive and bone disorder. Most people can get eye infection and allergies(Coffey). Most people don't know that what caused their illnesses and diseases is because of pollution. Pollution may cause a lot of things, so try and take care of yourself.

Fish are being contaminated

If we don't change how we use pollution, then a whole bunch of things can happen. One of them is fish being contaminated. We won't be able to eat that much fish with the time. Lakes, rivers, and oceans are soon going to start closing because the fish isn't healthy. Don't be suprised if you see a sign that says no fishing allowed near a body of water. This is probably because there's too much pollution going on. So let's try and reduce the pollution, because all the affects are because of us not taking care of the world.