Station #1

Will the Real King Arthur Please Stand Up?


For this station, your job is to read through the information provided in the Resources section and decide if King Arthur was a real person or if he's just a character in some novel.
To accomplish this task in the allotted time, please follow these steps:
1. Read through the document below
2. Once you've read - use the T chart on the board to add something to the "Fake" side and the "Fact" side
3. Once everyone has read the article and contributed to the T chart, articulate your own strong, one-sentence statement (think of it as a thesis statement) that articulates whether King Arthur is existed or is just a character, how you know this, and why it matters. This should be posted to the Google Doc shared file as illustrated below.

ASSESSMENT: You decide - is he real? (post the answer to this on the shared Google Doc)


Excalibur picture:
Camelot picture:
King Arthur picture: