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Social Emotional Learning

It's more important than ever for students to understand how to manage emotions, show empathy for others, and make responsible decisions. When I was in the classroom, I used the two sites below to help my students with their Social Emotional Learning.
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I love GoNoodle because it empowers students to be the best versions of themselves by practicing social emotional skills! Get in touch with your emotions with Mood Walk!
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If you haven't checked out the Big Ideas series yet from ClassDojo, do yourself a favor and go now! These are excellent videos & activities to use with your class to develop Social Emotional Learning skills, also known as "Soft Skills." My class would watch a new video each Monday morning to set our week off on the right foot! Your class is guaranteed to love them, too!

PS - Don't tell anyone, but I hear a new video is coming soon ;-)

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3/12 - Test Prep Strategies & Tools

4/2 - Deepen Student Learning During Presentations with Digital Tools

4/9 - Supporting Students through Extracurricular Activities

4/16 - Reaching Gifted Learners

4/23 - Ramp up Your Classroom Questioning

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