Hurricane Charley

Severe hurricane in 2004


Hurricanes are dangerous . They can kill many people if you are not careful . The major hurricanes are listed from A-Z . Their surge is what kills most people . They have five categories from weak to strong.

Hurricane Charley

Charley originated as an tropical wave in 2004 . It hit in 4 states Western Cuba, Jamaica,Florida,and South Carolina . It killed 15 people all together . It's small but very powerful . It costed over 15 billion dollars in repair.-The picture to the right shows hurricane Charley hitting Florida in 2004. At this time it was a category 4.-

Strength and Categorizing

Its strength is great for its size .Its winds are 150 mph when it 1st made landfall .That means it was a category 3 when landfall .Its surge was 6-7 feet .Most of the damage was done in Florida. It got stronger once it actually hit Florida.-The picture to the left shows the damage done by Charley.-

Date and Time

It made landfall in Cuba with 120 mph winds . In Jamaica on August 11th it became a hurricane . It reached 145 mph winds witch is a category 4 . At 3:45, it hit the southwest coast of Florida . When it reached Tortuga the wind decreased to about 110 mph winds at 8:00 a.m on August 13th . It reached to cape Roman, South Carolina near midday on the 14th as a category 3.-The picture to the right shows the tracking map of Charley.-


What have you learned about hurricanes ? There small and big hurricanes and some can cause big damage . Hurricane Charley was hurtful hurricane . Lastly, hurricanes are dangerous . They come when warm air and cool air collide and they start to spin.