Travel Brochure for Planet Earth

Welcome to planet Earth!

Planet Earth Is Full Of Things To Do!

Welcome to planet Earth. Our planet is the third planet closest to the sun. Here we have many things to do and many places to go. This brochure will be a guide to help you travel our Earth safely.

Natural Features of Earth

Mississippi River: Travel Tips: Make sure the water is clean where you are fishing, Do not drink the water without filtering it and get a professional to check it.

Opportunities: There is lots of recreation, including tubing and rafting. It is also a perfect place for boating and fishing.

Challenges: There are sometimes rare floods, and in some places there is pollution in the water.

Appalachian Mountains/Trail: Travel Tips: Stay warm, because the higher you go on the mountains, the colder it gets. Also, make plenty of stops because it is the longest "hiking only" trail in the world.

Opportunities: It is a great trail for hiking. It's also a very large tourist attraction.

Challenges: It is a hard place to build and farm.

Amazon Rainforest: Travel Tips: Stay clear of the many predators, including snakes and poison dart frogs. Stay clear of poisonous and dangerous plants.

Opportunities: There are plenty of wildlife. It it is a very large tourist attraction and lots of recreation (river cruises, canopy tours, hiking).

Challenges: There is some deforestation going on. Stay clear of predators (Cougar, Jaguar, Anaconda). Weather includes heavy rainfall that can lead to flooding.

Things You Should Bring

Mississippi River: Boat or Canoe, Fishing Pole, Bathing Suit, Water Purifier, Hiking Tools, Water Proof Boots, Bug Spray

Appalachian Mountains/Trail: Hiking Gear, Ropes, Coat, Map of the Trail, Compass

Amazon Rainforest: Bug Spray and Animal Replants, Rain Jacket/Shelter from Rain, First Aid

How Is The Earth Split Into Regions?

In order to keep the Earth organized, we have to split the world into regions. There are many ways to do this, here are a few!

A Few Other Places To Visit

Here are a few other amazing places that you should visit to make wonderful memories here on planet Earth!