chinese food🍴

by: k. taylor🌸


In Ancient China, rice is very important to them. They are the world's largest rice producer. Almost every meal they eat they eat it with rice. In the north, they don't eat rice as much because they cannot grow it since it is so dry and cold. But by 4500 B.C. people farmed millet, which is like rice. They boiled it into porridge. They made a lot of things out of rice, indead. People turned it into wine and rice wine is very popular in China. They even invented an ice cream in 2000 B.C. with soft milk and rice. It is also known as a healthy food choice. Grain fed 1000’s of people for long period. Rice is ate with many sauces and enjoyed around the world!


Tea is also consumed all over China. They first used tea as medicine but they were the first people to drink tea too. Tea is drank with all meals. There is many different kinds or flavors of tea and some are very expensive and sacred. There are six major types of tea in China –green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, dark tea and white tea, distinguished mainly by different methods of production. The origin of tea is lost among history and legend. Tea is commonly dranken in China.

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Meat is a common eaten food in China for wealthy people and a not as common, more for special occasions, for the people on the poor side. Wealthy people ate meat A LOT! They ate pork, chicken, lamb, goose and many more. But on special occasions they ate snakes, dogs, snails, & small birds. The poor didn’t eat meat every day. They most always ate the chickens when they stopped laying eggs. By 100 BC artificial ponos were fished and carp was bred. Baked meat was eaten when people drank wine and never eaten with cooked rice. Meat was not the most vital to the chinese but was eaten a lot.


Tofu was first used in China over 2,000 years ago. It began in the Han Dynasty in the second century BC. The process making tofu is kinda alike to making cheese. Another name for tofu is soybean curd. When eaten is called very bland, so it is commonly in soup. It is mainly used for stir-fry, grilling, and soup.
Chinese Food: A Brief history
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