Alexander The Great

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Important Information about Alexander the Great .

At the age of 14 Alexander was challenged to tame the beast.

Phillip II the king of Macedonia is the father of Alexander the Great.

After the death of his father he took the throne at the age of 20 - 21 years old .

When he was a teenager , he was a general in his fathers army.

The father ordered Aristotle to be his tutor.

The army declared him general after his father death.

Some people didn't think he should be in control because his mother , wasn't Macedonia.

He eventually turned toward conquering the Persian Empire.

Gaugamela Persian Empire was the final defeat of Darius.

So when Alexander defeated Darius again, Darius abandoned his wife & kids.

Darius mother disowned him & gave loyalty to Alexander the Great.

They said when Alexander died , Darius mom locked herself in a room and just cried her eyes out.

When he defeated the Persian he up and left and went to Egypt. He marched there to claim his new territory.

When he was in Egypt they told him that he was the son of Zeus & then they made him pharaoh.

They say the Egyptians considered him as a god.

Foundations for the Greek culture through the regions, is called the Alexandria.

He eventually expanded his empire to India , to the Indus River.

The eastern border became the Indus River for his territory.

His death they say he died from Malaria , also he never lost any battle.

Babylon is the traditional site for his death. He left his kingdom to be strong.

The Hellenistic Culture was a combination of Greek , Egyptian , Persian , and Indian culture.

The culture was a spread by trade.

The language for him was Greek.