George Gower

Julia Mariano

About George Gower

George was born in 1540. His exact date of birth and where he was born is unknown due to the lack of birth records at the time. He spent most of his life in London. He is thought to have come from a wealthy family. He is known for his paintings.His main patron was Queen Elizabeth I.

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Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I

The piece was created in 1588. The painting now resides in Woburn Abbey. A new technique was doing portraits with thee canvas horizontal. I find this piece interesting because of all the little intricate details.

The Isms

Naturalism,perspectivism, and secularism are all used in this photo. I see naturalism in the cloth. The way it folds and has pleats gives it a very natural appearance. Also the curtains are naturally flowing, and in the picture in back on the left soft tones are used. Perspectivism is shown by how you can see past the columns. Secularism is used because the picture is showing political power. You can see this by the dress she has on or by the crown in the background.