Block 4

From the “Caudillos” to the Institutions (1920- 1982)

Culture and the media: literature, painting, film, television and sport

  • Mexico is a characterized country by its cultural diversity.
  • Mexico's culture like its towns, cities, etc. had inspired many writers, poets, and many more artistic people to many important things.
  • the movies that started on our country a the ends of XIX won the affection of many Mexican people because they were relationed to their lives.
  • Through the radio that was first transmitted in Mexico on 1921, people didn't just had fun with it and heard news, they identified themselves with the programs that were transmitted in that time.
  • With the television that started its transmitions on the decade of 1950, the families started to use new mores in their diary life.
  • The television transmitted programs that taught things and they had programs that entretained people.
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The National Education

  • The lack of education of the most part of the population was a big problem for the country of the 20th century, because the education caused more problems that affected the society.
  • The importance of this problem already was considered on the constitution of 1917.
  • It wasn't until the "Secretaria de Education Publica", that had the job of helping the education to improve.
  • They made reforms to help the education.
  • at the decades of 1930 to 1970 many public universities were founded in many states.
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