Andrew Jackson

He wasn't a hero he was zero.

Spoils System

Jackson used The Spoils System by rewarding his political supports with government jobs. This is a reason why he was a zero, because his people did not think on their own and just followed Jackson's ideas. Also his people did not have the experience needed for a cabinet position.

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Worcester vs. Georgia

  • In the Worcester vs. Georgia ruling the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a " sovereign" nation and Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokee. Jackson did not listen to the Supreme Court and he moved the Cherokee.

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Trail of Tears

This event known as the " Trail of Tears" is the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians from their homes in the Southeastern U.S. to Oklahoma. Thousands of the Cherokee died along the march.

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Andrew Jackson: Reinventing the Presidency
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King Andrew Cartoon

King Andrew was to powerful. King Andrew torn up the Constitution. The power held by King Andrew use more than any other previous president.