Unit Three

CM 107 - Writing for Personal Reasons

Welcome to Unit Three!

Another great week, everyone! Thanks for your continued involvement in the Learning Activities and Discussion Board.

Unit Two Grading Information

The grades will trickle in again this week since I grade in multiple sittings. Because of the Winter Break, the grades aren't due until Sunday, January 10th. You may see the grades trickle in earlier.

I will post an announcement when grades are ready for you to view. To review my feedback on an assignment, simply click the grade number (e.g., 10 / 10) in the gradebook.

You will also find feedback in Turnitin's Grademark function. Here is a video my colleague, Emily Hartsfield, created to help you find the Unit Two Assignment feedback: http://screencast.com/t/H817AQo6Ojwe

Unit Three Overview

Our class begins the assignments with writing for personal reasons. This is something that most of you already do in your own life like writing a friend, sending a text, or posting a status update. In Unit 3, we will focus on the steps you need to take in order to write a successful personal document. This will help you to begin the writing process for your upcoming Unit 4 Assignment. This is probably a comfortable style of writing since you are already familiar with this.

Units Three and Four work together as we move through the writing process. First you will brainstorm and prewrite, then draft, then revise and edit.

Unit Three Seminar Recording

Since we did not meet for a seminar, I created this recording of the seminar PPT to help you. It is about 11 minutes long and explores the seminar presentation. This was not required, but I do hope it helps. Click below for the recording. The video explains to click on the links.
Here are the two links the video references:
What is a blog: http://blogbasics.com/what-is-a-blog/
Teach thought: http://www.teachthought.com/pedagogy/why-good-teachers-quit/

Unit Three Assignments

  1. Complete the Learning Activities.
  2. Complete the quiz and remember, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to (but the quiz must be completed during Unit One. It cannot be made up.
  3. Participate in the Discussion Board.
    • Post your main post. Here is a worksheet to help you.
    • Respond to three or more classmates to exceed expectations.
    • Make sure to review the sample discussion board post located in the actual discussion board.
  4. Full points are earned for the seminar (due to Winter Break), but please consider reviewing the seminar PDF located in Doc Sharing.
  5. Complete the Unit Three Journal and make sure the post is on topic and fully developed.
  6. Preview the Unit Four Writing Assignment.

Late Work Reminders

If you need to submit late work, please consider the following:

---By the end of Unit Three, you may submit the Unit One Journal, Seminar option 2 and main Discussion Board Post.

---If you are late on Unit Two, you may submit the Unit Two Assignment, Seminar option 2, and main Discussion Board Post at the lastest, by the end of Unit Four.

---10%, per the late policy, is deducted for each week the work is late. But, some points are better than none, and the learning is valuable and needed.

Let's make it a great week!

Remember that if you start the writing process early, you will have time to work through the steps towards a successful project with less hassle and a whole lot less stress, and who needs more stress in their lives, right?

And, in case you needed a bit of motivation, check out this great Ted Talk on grit.