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The ultimate fan experience

Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas

This charity is a charity that provides accurate and current information about down syndrome for families that may have a new born, middle aged kids, and even adults that just need a little clarification. It also gives money to families that cant afford to pay for all the bills and extra things that may come with having a child with a disability.

The ultimate fan package

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 4:45pm

Nashville, TN, United States

Nashville, TN

This fan experience is crazy. It is a 3 day trip to Nashville Tennessee, October 4-6. This experience is going to include 4 plane tickets to Nashville for a Tennessee Titans football game on October 5, 4 game tickets also 4 meet and greets to meet the players and coaches of the team. At the end of the game will you be given a t-shirt, a hat, and your families last name put on a stadium seat. There are no restrictions for you while at the game as long as you are with your assigned worker. (stadium restriction may apply)

Hotel- Hermitage

You will be staying at the Hermitage hotel in Nashville. Your suite will have two beds a bathroom and a lounge area. All your drinks and food will be included for the 3 day visit.


Our opening bib will start anywhere between 8,000 and 9,000 dollars.