V news- Volume II

Published on: November 1st, 1998.

Citizen profile: Bruce Wayne

Molded by the death of his parents, this is a man that will do anything to never feel helpless again. His beliefs are that of a vigilante. He believes that if breaking the law has a good outcome then, “The outcome outweighs the crime”. He also believes in justice, and that criminals need to answer for their crimes. Despite the conflict that surrounds him, he continues to believe that it’s not too late to fix society’s issues. He believes the main cause of conflict is greed, and even good people can be a victim to this. “Falconi brings in shipments of drugs, nobody takes him down. Why?”

Because the police force is corrupt.

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The Ultimate Rebels By: Olivia Cluff

After certain events that have unfolded recently, the idea of rebellion is something that I'm sure is beginning to occur in more and more people’s minds. The immense amount of censorship that surrounds our world is something that people (mostly teens) are starting to fight. The realization that the DHS is everywhere, and watching everyone as closely as they really can has really been a slap in the face. More and more of these teens have started to fight the system. However, this ultimately has led to more arrests and the number of mysteriously missing teenagers is increasing.

It hasn’t been a complete loss for these rebels though. Several DHS members have been arrested in correlation with their actions. However, the rebels aren’t satisfied and the number of rallies and raids are not expected to come down anytime soon. Teens all over the internet have been connecting with each other trying to tear down the immense security constantly surrounding them. A world without the censorship we have today is a place these people will go to no end to live in.

Stand Together By: Brandon Whitmore

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

Today marks the 360th day since Codename “V” blew up the Old Bailey, and he has vowed to blow up Parliament in five days. V’s destruction of the Bailey was the first sign of resistance against the British totalitarian government. The government has spent countless time and money following leads and looking for V, but V still remains hidden from them. In addition to the Bailey, V has raided over 20 government institutions, including the BTN where he broadcast his famous speech.

On November 5th, last year, V told us that next year he would blow up the Houses of Parliament as a symbol that we don’t have to live in fear. Remember this: “People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people.” In his broadcast, V asks us to stand with him on November 5th. He has shown us the truth, and I will stand with him. Will you?

New Species? By: Alex Murray

It’s a dangerous thing to be Divergent in Chicago. Since a Divergent mind cannot adapt to one certain way of thinking, faction leaders are confused as to what to do with the Divergents. One common characteristic among Divergents is they are all able to control simulations. In other words, they are fully aware that they are in a simulation, and they can calm down or do whatever it takes to move on to the next scenario or fully stop the simulation.

Divergents have been around for as long as the caste system, but new evidence shows that they are genetically different than most caste members. As a result of scientific testing, most people's genes have been damaged. People whose genes have healed are known as "Divergent." People whose genes have not healed are given the less glamorous moniker of "genetically damaged." This realisation has brought about a newfound respect for divergent, and the belief that they are the key to survival.

TRIS’S NEW HAIRCUT!!!!!! By: Alex Murray

OMG, it;s the hottest new trend of the season! So, Tris Prior, THE TRIS PRIOR, was seen walking out of a prison with, get this, short hair!? Why did she cut her hair? Is she too hot? Is it for charity? Is it for battle? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves people. A confirmed source says that she cut her hair so that it wouldn’t slow her down in battle. Another says that she did it for her lover, Four. If you ask me she needs to drop that zero and get herself a hero. Stay independent girlfriend!

Missing Posters Filling The City By: Olivia Cluff

The number of missing teens has dramatically increased since the rebellion started. Not only that, but as families have become more and more concerned they have started to question the system just as the younger generations have. This is leading to even more disscontempt within the society. Some parents were completely clueless as to what their kids have been up to, so the fact they have now been announced as missing has been a huge shock.

If you have any information on any person who was been classified as missing, please follow up with a report. The number of posters that have been plastered all over the city is beginning to show the true colors of this rebellion.

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Warning By: Brandon Whitmore

Attention everyone: V has been sending out masks to everyone throughout the city. Although I hope you will put this mask to use, do not wear it in public yet. Chancellor Sutler has given Mr. Creedy’s men the authority to shoot anyone seen wearing the mask. Many people have already been killed. So I ask you to keep the mask and save it for the night of November 5th. V has instructed, to those who will stand with him, to wear the mask that night, and he will take care of the rest. Do not be afraid everyone. “Beneath this mask is an idea...and ideas are bulletproof.”

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