Fallen Angels

By: Walter Dean Myers

By: Sam Seale 2nd Peroid


"There's only two kinds of people in Vietnam. People who are alert twenty-fours a day, and people who are dead." This quote shows the dangers of fighting in the Vietnam war.
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A Fight to Stay Alive

Fallen Angels is a exciting story about Richie a African American 17 year old boy who volunteers for the army after graduating high school to find out that his hopes and dreams of going to college are not possible. At the time there is a war going on in Vietnam and Richie gets sent over after training to fight. When he arrives he is put directly into combat with some other African American men. He begins to notice that the African Americans have to do some of the hardest and most dangerous jobs. This story is about friendship, courage, and protecting the guy beside you is something everybody needs to experience.

Why YOU Need to Read this Book

This book was written by and author that has experienced situations similar to those that he writes about.

This is a story about friendship and loving your neighbor. So you can learn some important things about life from this.

Walter Dean Myers has won a Corretta Scott King Award.

Out of 5,951 reviews 4,264 people gave it a 4 or 5 star rating. So this proves that most people like it.