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Incorporating Essential Oils into Your Family's Lives

Welcome to the World of dōTERRA Essential Oils

Join us every week as we discuss the many ways to use and try these incredibly delicious, beyond organic, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade plant-based oils!

It seems like people need some help navigating the innumerable uses for essential oils, so we like to gather together to discuss the different protocols for common ailments. This hangout is here to help you experience the truly remarkable benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils. Support your body in healthier living like aiding in better sleep, curbing food cravings, boosting your immune system, help dealing with aches and pains and re-energizing your life!

This hangout is open to all, whether you're a seasoned oil user or don't even know what an essential oil is - Come try out the beautiful aromas of these amazing oils!

Ultimate Health and Happiness

Wednesday, March 25th, 1pm

Ultimate Sports Combine

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Brittany Edgar

Brittany is a Wellness Advocate who has been using essential oils for 3 years. Through working as a cosmetologist and in the hospitality industry for the last decade, she developed a passion for serving and educating her community on better ways to care for themselves, and enjoy life. She continually travels because of the desire to better her understanding of what unites humanity, and what we can do to live the most fulfilling existence.