K3 News

Week of November 4th-8th

What is going on this week??

**Ms. Murphy (Ms. Cooper's Student Teacher) will be taking over teaching for the next 2 weeks... please contact the office for any transportation changes! Feel free to still email Ms. Cooper with any questions!! **

  • Monday the 4th- Art class!!

  • Tuesday the 5th- P.E- wear your tennis shoes!
Book Fair Preview Day!- Please look for your child's book fair wishlist when they come home today...

  • Wednesday the 6th- Music Class!
Library Check out- Please send library books back to school!

  • Thursday the 7th- P.E- wear your tennis shoes!
Book Fair Purchase Day- please send money with your child if you would like them to purchase a book from their Book Fair Wishlist!

--Fall Walk/Picnic to the Duck Pond! Students need to bring a SACK lunch to school! We will leave for the duck pond at 11:30am, observe nature on our walk, feed the ducks, eat lunch, and play on the playground. We will return to school around 1:00pm. Parents are welcome to come along! Please come to our classroom by 11:20am if you are planning to attend...

  • Friday the 8th- E-Time
Grandparents/Special Friends Day! --lunch is at 11:30 for kindergarten...

What are we learning?

Unit: Turkeys and Main Idea

Sight Words: he, for (practice these at home!)

Word Family: -at (bat, hat, mat, cat)

Math: Patterns and Place Value

Science: Animal Migration


Parents~ I felt so spoiled this week by the handmade cards and all of the amazing goodies you showered me with for my wedding! My favorite was this personalized doormat- TOO CUTE!!! It has been such a special year feeling so much love and support from fabulous students and parents like you!! :) Thank you!!!

Classroom Creed

Picture of Grandparents Needed!!

Don't forget to send in a picture of your child's grandparents by MONDAY!! (Your child can also be in the picture...)

Mark Your Calendars!!

Nov 1st- Report Cards Go Home

Nov 4th-8th Book Fair Week!

Nov 7th- Fall Walk to the Duck Pond!

Nov 8th- Grandparent's/Special Friends Day- lunch at 11:30

Nov 11th- Veteran's Day

Nov 21st- Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast with Parents!