Mute Swans

George Erickson

species of swans

Mute Swans- Vibrant orange and black nobs above the bill.

Trumpeter Swans- all black bill

Tundra Swan- all black bill and yellow nob above the bill

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What problems have Mute Swans caused?

  • Digging up more aquatic vegetation then they need
  • Destroying native animal habitats
  • Scaring away Trumpeter swans and other native species
The DNR is attempting to get rid of them by destroying eggs, nests, and Mute Swans. So far they are successful and estimate to be done by 2030.
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Where are Mute Swans from?

Mute swans came from Asia and Europe. Mute Swans where shipped here for zoos because of there flashy appearance. later the Swans escaped and now are in new York, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Colombia.

Facts about Mute Swans.

  • Adults weight up to 20-25 pounds.
  • Wing span- 7 feet.
  • Males are called cobs and females are called pens.
  • Mute Swans grunt, snort, and hiss to communicate.
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