The Ravine

The Ravine is a suspenseful thriller


Lavinia Nebbs and 2 friends are going to a show on the other side of the ravine. Francine stops by Lavinia's house to walk with her to the show. They had to cross the ravine to pick up Helen. There was a lot of rumors going around, that the ravine was where the Lonely One resided. Lavinia decided they should take a shortcut, through the ravine. Francine disagreed but, Lavinia finally got her to agree. As they walking in the shortcut, they found a dead body. It was someone that the Lonely One had killed. Francine insisted they should turn around, but Lavinia thought it was best to pick up Helen and go to the store.

They picked up Helen and then headed to the drugstore. The druggist was behind the counter. Lavinia ordered some green peppermint chews, they sat there and talked to him. He told them last time Lavinia was here, someone asked who she was and where she lives. The druggist ended up telling the man. The druggist described the man as a tall, skinny, pale build. Lavinia became very mad at him for this, and left the store.

They started walking towards the theater. When they got there they took a seat. The man that was behind them, was exactly as the druggist had explained. Helen got up and told everyone to stop the show. It ended up that the man behind them was the manager's, brother. The show ended and the girls decided to drop Francine off first. Francine did not agree since Lavinia would have to walk across the ravine alone. Lavania told Francine she would be ok, so eventually Francine agreed. After Lavinia dropped off Francine, she took Helen home. Then she began to cross the ravine. After about making it half way she saw a man on the other side of the bridge, then she looked again, he was gone. After a few more steps, she began to hear someone taking a step behind her. Almost like a echo, after she stepped they stepped. She sat there for a minute. Then she began to run, she heard him behind her. She got to her house, ran up on the porch and began to put the key in. As soon as the door opened, she jumped in. She closed and locked it. Then she ran to the window and peeked out. There was no one chasing her after all. Then she began to turn on the lights. All of a sudden, a man cleared his throat behind her.


The characters in the story were not explained in great detail. The main ones were Helen, Lavinia, Francine and the Lonely One. The Lonely One was not described besides the fact that he resides in the ravine and is a man that kills women. Helen is known as a friend of Lavinia and Francine, really nothing is described of her either. Lavinia is the main character and is a women in her 30s. She thinks she isn't afraid of anything, but begins to find out that she is afraid of the Lonely One. Francine is Lavinia's friend, she cried 2 times in the story and is quite emotional.


The suspense in this story is built by the the fact that the Lonely One is killing women, and they have to cross the ravine to get where they need to go. Then when Lavinia crossed the ravine alone. Suspense is built by the fact that she is alone and the Lonely One is waiting. She thinks someone is following her and this is enough to scare me. When she gets home everything is calmed down. She realises no one was following her. But then out of nowhere a man clears his throat.

Sound Track: - When she sees the dead body and Francine is crying - When she is at the drugstore and says she isn't beautiful - When the streets are empty and it looks abandoned - When Francine goes to her house - When she is walking home alone