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October 2022

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Keeping Us Healthy....A Call To Action

As we reflect on the first month of school, we want to thank our parents for keeping your scholars home when they are under the weather. Failing to do so puts other students and school staff at risk. In order for us to keep our learning community healthy, we must all do our part!

Many parents ask, “When is my child sick enough to stay home from school?” This is not always an easy question to answer! We hope that these guidelines can help! A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school and is likely to spread the illness to other children and staff. We suggest making a plan for childcare ahead of time so you will not be caught without a comforting place for your child to stay if he/she is ill.

Our school strongly suggests that you should NOT send your child to school if he/she has:

* Common cold – irritated throat, watery discharge from the nose or eyes, sneezing, chills and/or general body aches. Keep your child home if symptoms are serious enough to interfere with your child’s ability to learn. Seek care from the doctor if symptoms persist beyond 7-10 days, fever or cough producing phlegm develops, or nasal discharge becomes yellow or green.

*Cough – Cough that interferes with the child’s ability to fully participate in classroom activities. Seek care from the doctor if the cough lasts beyond 7-10 days, or if coughing phlegm.

*Fever – If the child’s temperature is 99.9 degrees or higher, the child should remain at home until they are without a fever for a full 24 hours. Remember that a fever is a symptom indicating the presence of an illness.

* Flu – symptoms include abrupt onset of fever, chills, headache and sore muscles. Runny nose, sore throat and cough are common. Your child should remain at home until the symptoms are gone and they are without a fever for a full 24 hours.

* Pink Eye – The white of the eye appears red, swollen, burns, itches or has pus-like drainage. This requires treatment from a doctor. Your child may return to school after taking antibiotic treatment for 24 hours. School Health Services

* Strep Throat – The throat appears severely red, swollen or has whitish pus spots. Other symptoms include, throat soreness, fever, swollen glands of the neck, nausea or vomiting. This requires treatment from a doctor. Your child may return to school after taking antibiotic treatment for 24 hours and no longer is vomiting or has fever.

* Skin Rashes – If your child has a rash of unknown origin, they must be seen by a doctor before coming into school.

* Vomiting & Diarrhea – Your child should remain at home until without vomiting, diarrhea or fever for a full 24 hours.

Thank you for helping to make this school year as healthy as possible,

Mrs. Hickman

Make Everyday Count

October 5, 2022

Count day is the one day of the school year that means everything to schools in terms of the amount of funding they receive. For every student that can be accounted for on this special day, funds are allotted for our school. Therefore, please send your scholar to school on Wednesday, October 5th. Let's make this day count!!!!!

If by chance your scholar will be absent on Wednesday, October 6th. It is imperative that you email or contact the office at (248) 746-8844 to excuse your scholar's absence. Also, follow up with a written letter or email as proof of absence for our records.

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Bullying Prevention and Reporting Hotline.

Please click the link below to reporting bullying to your school administrators.

Seesaw Tutorial for Parents

For Grades K -2
Seesaw Tutorial for Parents

Parent Schoology Access

For Grades 3 -5

Go to
Click login
Choose forget password
Enter your parent portal ID or email from MISTAR in the username
Reset your password in your email then login again

Below is a video you can give your parents as well.

Parent Schoology Login

Communications to/from Administration

A simple way to stay connected to your scholar's school. Join us on Remind101

i-Ready ~ What's Next?

Over the past few weeks, our students were assessed using the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment. Immediately following each assessment, i-Ready places your child into Online Instruction to support his or her progress in mastering essential skills in reading and math. i-Ready Instruction provides students with lessons based on their individual skill level and needs, so your child can learn at a pace that is just right for them. These lessons are fun and interactive to keep your child engaged as they learn. The Online Instruction, if used more than 45 minutes per subject, per week, has been proven to help students grow academically. The online instruction is designed to be both challenging and engaging. iReady delivers instruction using engaging animation. Lessons are interactive for students. The result is an experience that attracts and holds your student’s interest while also teaching important skills and concepts. We encourage you to work with your teacher to find out how you can help your child at home access this instruction beyond the hours of formal class instruction.

It is very important that the student completes the lessons independently to the best of his or her ability. Teachers review data collected from student lessons to better serve your student academically. Lessons may or may not be on the student’s grade level. Keep in mind that student’s lessons have been assigned based on Diagnostic score, which provides targeted, online lessons for each student. These lessons allow students the opportunity to catch up or advance skills based on their own level.

How to Start

  1. Log in to Clever, and click the i-ready icon

  2. Select subject. Choose either Reading or Math.

  3. Start lesson: Click the green "next lesson" button under My Path or the blue "lesson" button under Teacher Assigned (may not be any blue buttons at times).

  4. Family Center: Click on the top right to visit the iReady Family Center for additional information and answers to FAQs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s instructor. “Happy Learning”

Oktoberfest Extravaganza

Our Oktoberfest Extravaganza is scheduled for October 28th.

We are asking for parents to donate individually wrapped cookies and/or peanut free candy for this day full of harvest fun. Our scholars can wear their harvest day costumes. No masks!

Please send your donated items to school by October 26th.

Thank you in advance,

Ms. Eubanks

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Food Pantry

Outside of Stevenson's front doors is our Neighbors helping Neighbors Food Pantry. Please stop by and pick-up any non perishable food items needed.
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Literacy Corner with Mrs. Bush

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This Month's Quote!