Weekly News

September 8 - 11, 2015

SMART Start - September 9 - WiDA - Overview - Write Individual Student Goals

We will meet in the Band Room (K-8) and meet Mindy Coblentz, our new ESL director. Joy Goshert, Director of Curriculum & Instruction will be here too. After an overview of WiDA, teachers will break up by grade level and review the 5 Standards, review the WiDA results/levels for our ESL students, write goals for each ILP plan. All teachers will be aware of the ILP plans and their responsibility for each student.

Extended Weekend - Save Energy

Unplug all of your instructional equipment and appliances used during our first Extended Break Holiday. These energy conservation guidelines are critical - disconnect the electricity from the receptacle outlets as they all add up to well over a calendar month during the entire school year

Negative Lunch Balances

We are making an effort to collect over $4000 worth of outstanding lunch balances that have accumulated over the last couple of years. Students who pay for their lunch and have a negative balance of -$25 or more will be given a sandwich and a milk until their balance is paid. Mrs. Kaiser and Mr. Connor will work with the cafe staff to do this in a quiet manner at lunch. We will run off negative balance lunch reports weekly that will go home with the students.

Two hour Delay Procedures - Support Staff

We would like for our Support Staff to make every effort to make up your time on two hour delay days within the same pay period. Please contact Mrs. Kaiser if you have individual questions.

Hints & Tricks that we have learned with Skyward

Skyward Tip #1: Discipline. When completing a ‘write-up’ for a student, remember to pay attention to the ‘Classroom Referral’ checkbox. If you have a classroom write up and the check is forgotten, then the write up acts as an office, and vice versa, if you have an office write up and the checkbox is checked, Ryan will not act upon. In short, take the time when filling out referrals.

Skyward Tip#2: Blank Name Forms: Some have asked if Skyward can generate a report that is list of names in a class and a blank table for recording. The answer to that question is yes!! It is a ‘fairly’ simple process: Gradebook - Reports for all classes - Grade Sheet Report - 960 or 970 or 980 (Curr Term;Blank Grade Sheet;__ font). Different font sizes will generate the number of boxes (low font #, more space).

Next Week.....

Monday, September 7

Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, September 8

No RtI

NWEA testing window

Running Club 3:15 pm

7/8 Football @ Riverview

MS Soccer @ Argos

Wednesday, September 9

Happy Birthday to Diana Parker

NWEA testing window

SMART Start - Band Room - WiDA - Mindy Coblentz - guest

Running Club 3:15 pm

Thursday, September 10

NWEA testing window

Section 125 Rep @ CO all day

Reading Committee @ 7:35 am in the Literacy Room

Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

Running Club 3:15 pm

6 VB vs WMS (H) 4:30 pm

7/8 VB @ WMA 4:30 pm

MS Soccer vs. Northridge (WMS) 4:45 pm

MS XC Meet vs. Lincoln (WMS) 5:00 pm

Friday, September 11

Red Ribbon Committee Mtg 7:35 am Voirol's office

Lions Club to distribute dictionaries to grade 3

Safety First at TruHorizons (TruPoint) for grade 5 8:55 am - 1:30 pm

NWEA testing window

PBIS Cookie Sale

Saturday, September 12

Happy Birthday Mrs. Zimmerman

XC Indian Springs Invitational 9:30 am