Digital Citizenship Project

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is your online behavior and actions. Your digital citizenship includes following rules like Digital Etiquette. But it also consists of your information and online safety. Along with these things rules like Plagiarism and copyright are big your online experience. Digital Citizenship is important for your online safety and experience, because who wants to have a bad time on the internet?

Digital Etiquette

Don't say or post anything that might hurt you or someone else. Things like doing bad stuff will come back to hurt or even ruin your life.

Information Privacy

Don't give out your information to people or places you don't know or trust. Your information is your information. giving out your personal info to strangers can get your money, identity, bank accounts, or even your safety stolen from you.

Social Networking

Social networking is great fro communication but stay away from strangers or suspicious people. making sure to stay away from strangers or suspicious people helps with your own personal safety

Online safety

In order to stay safe make sue to let a adult know whats going on because they have your best interest in mind. dong this helps someone responsible help you take care of your online social life.

Cyber bullying

nobody is completely anonymous so don't be a cyber bully. in order to protect yourself from being a victim of cyberbullying keep the amount of your personal info that you share to a minimum,.


Plagiarism is not ok, plagiarizing can lead to serious consequence. Even if the plagiarism is accidental it still is wrong. in order to prevent accidental plagiarism remember to paraphrase and cite your sources.


Don't use copyrighted material until you have the permission of the creator. Using copyrighted material without permission can get you sued or another form of consequence.
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