Son of the mob

How would your life be if your dad was in the mob?

Son of The Mob

Written by Gordon Korman

Published by Disney-Hyperion; Reprint edition (September 1, 2004)

ISBN 0786815930

Genre General Fiction

Grades 9-12

Awards: Winner of the 2005 Young Readers Choice Award

Personal Review

Vince Luca wants to be like a regular high school boy. The only thing that’s stopping him is his dad being in the “vending machine business” which he hates. The "vending machine business" is undercover for being a member of the mob. Vince says it’s a cheat to life but his father thinks otherwise. This book is fast paced and anything can happen. A quote that describes this book is “Expect the unexpected”. Because when Vince makes out with the daughter of the FBI agent, who’s goal in life is to put Vince Dad in jail. Vince begins to think that he just ruined his dad’s career and that their gonna be living on the streets soon.

Most people would think that if their dad was in the mob that is would be cool and they could get a lot better things then other people. Vince has a problem with it because he wants to earn all his stuff that he works for. He doesn't want to get good grades because people know that his dad is in the mafia. Or for his first car to be stolen.

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