Sunset Express

January 8, 2021

Sunset Lake Elementary, PreK-5th Grade Building

Sunset Lake Elementary

Principal Amie McCaw

At Sunset Lake, we are Lifelong Learners and Lifelong Leaders.

Principal's Message

Happy New Year Sunset Lake Families!

We are so glad school is back in session. We are delighted to have our in-person students back in the building, and we have had a great week back to start the new calendar year. Our in-person students spent the first few days reviewing our safety procedures and did a nice job settling back into our protocols.

The end of the second marking period is just around the corner. Our semester ends on January 21st and students do NOT report on January 22nd so teachers may work on report cards.

Over the next two weeks, teachers will be working on acclimating our students back to the swing of school as well as working on semester-end assessments. I know after a long break from early mornings it can be hard to instill a school schedule. Please be sure your child has plenty of rest. Consistency with bedtime and morning wake-times help children adjust to the demand of their school day.

Thank you families for your continued communication and extra precautions in regards to your child(ren) health. We ask if there is anyone in the household who is being tested for COVID-19 to keep your child home until the test results come back. Also, please be sure to go through the student screener questions (see below) each day before you send your child(ren) to school.

As always we continue to encourage all of our families to try and keep safety precautions in mind. Every measure counts and together we can try and minimize the negative impact COVID-19 could have on your child's education.

Please visit this link at State of Michigan Covid for up to date information.

Together we can work to minimize exposure for our students and staff. Thank you!

Thank you Sunset Lake Families!

Yours in Learning,

Amie McCaw

Sunset Lake Elementary Principal

Virtual Learning Updates

KVIC: The end of the semester for our KVIC students is the same time period as our in-person and VCS Virtual students. If your child is behind on assignments, it is very important that your child completes their work and gets their assignments in as soon as possible before the semester ends. Please contact Tamara Young at 321-1562 or email Chris VanderMei, your child's teacher.

VCS Virtual: Our virtual students will be having material pick-up at our building next week. Please just come to our front door to buzz the front office. We will bring your child's material out to you. The best time for pick up is typically 9-3 pm to help avoid the busy times of drop-off and pick-up times. *Please note, First Grade packet pick-up will start Wednesday, January 13th.


If you or someone you know will have a student starting Kindergarten next fall, please contact our office at 321-1550. It's hard to believe, but we are starting to plan for our spring Kindergarten Kickoff 2021-2022!

Sunset Student Screener

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January 22 - No School/Records Day

January 25 - 1st Day of Second Semester

January 28 & February 4 - Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences

A Note from Mrs. Lonsway.....

Mrs. Lonsway, the school counselor, will be running the next Sunset Lake Counseling support group called, " The Crayon Box Group". This small grade level group is about "All Kinds of Families". We share about our unique family situation whether it be a separation, divorce, multiple families living together...or whatever the situation is and express feelings and do small counselor led activities. The flexible start week is January 18th and will last for up to 6 sessions (one time a week for 30 minutes during a teacher preferred time)..You may have already enrolled your child, but if you do not remember or would like to enroll your child, please email her at


NEEDED: Clothing Donations

Our office is in need of extra clothing to have on hand at school. Sweat pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts are best. Our largest need is clothes for grades 3-5th grade. Thank you!!

Lost and Found

Please see the photos below. These items will be kept for two weeks.
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Article from Common Sense Media- Teaching our Children Empathy

How can I use media to teach my kid empathy?

Many parents worry that cyberbullying, trolls, and rude behavior have taken over the internet. While it may seem that the online world has worn away our empathy, many studies show that kids and teens develop strong, supportive online bonds both with known friends and those they've met online. And there are plenty of examples in which an outpouring of empathy has swept through pop culture, the internet, and other mass media. The jury is still out on whether that trend will continue.

The bottom line is that kids have access to a wide variety of powerful tools they can choose to use for good. Here's how you can use media to teach kids empathy:

Movies, TV, and Books:

  • Seek out books with diverse characters and backgrounds.
  • Encourage kids to express their feelings after watching TV shows and movies.
  • Encourage siblings to respect each other's feelings about shows.
  • Seek out movies and TV shows that promote empathy.

Social Media, Apps, Games, and Websites:

  • Look for games and apps that switch among characters' perspectives.
  • Choose games and apps that rely on and reward collaboration among players.
  • Start teaching positive online communication as soon as your kids start using the internet.
  • Encourage kids to find positive online environments that are warm and welcoming.
  • Ask kids how they would feel if they were cyberbullied.
  • Encourage your kid to stand up for people who are victimized online.
  • Train kids to think through the impact their posts might have on others.
  • Join in hashtag campaigns that support people.

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VCS Visitor Screening Form

This form must be filled out each time a visitor enters the building.
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Proper Masks for Protection

Hello Sunset Lake Families,

Here is an excerpt from a recent article on Face Masks from The John Hopkins University.

What type of face mask should I buy?

Look for a mask made with at least two layers of fabric. It should cover your nose and mouth without large gaps. The mask should have ear loops or ties so you can adjust it. For people who wear glasses, look for a mask with a bendable border at the top so you can mold the mask to fit the bridge of your nose and prevent your glasses from fogging. Professional masks should be reserved for health care workers caring for patients on the front lines.

Learn how to care for your face mask.

Can I make my own cloth mask?

Yes. Johns Hopkins Medicine offers directions for making a homemade adult mask and a child-size mask for use in non-patient-care settings. Masks can be made out of cotton or linen fabric. Cloth masks can and should be washed daily.

What items in my closet can I use to create a face mask?

  • Thick, densely woven cotton fabrics are best, such as quilting cotton or cotton sheets.
  • Stretchy knits aren’t ideal. Hold the fabric up to the light — the fewer tiny holes you can see, the better it will work to filter your droplets.
  • Overall, making a good mask involves finding a balance. You want fabric that doesn’t allow droplets to pass through, while ensuring you can breathe properly with your mask in place.

Sunset Drop off and Pick up Plan- SAME PLAN

District Documents for 2020-21 School Year

VCS Companion Document. The Sunset Lake Protocols link is found on page 9.

VCS Return to School Plan Instructional Overview f