Boating Safety

Boating safety 101

What is Boating

Boating is rowing or sailing in boats as a sport or form of recreation. With every sport and recreation they're always dangers. Boating is one of the more serious recreational activity and sport that you need to have more caution while doing it. You need to know some precautions to stop accidents. You also need to know how to save someone if they are in a boating accident.


There are many causes of death or injuries while boating exceptionally drowning . In 2010 about 4,000 got injured while boating. Drowning is probably is the biggest killer to boaters everywhere though. Life jackets are important while boating because in 2014, about 337 died while not wearing a life jacket.

How to prevent boating accidents

  • Drinking while boating is a fatal. It increases the chance of a you having a boating accident by 34%

  • Use life jacket

  • Make sure you know how to swim

  • Check the weather before you boat

  • Always keep a lifebuoy on the boat

  • Learn how to use equipment

  • Do not stand up on boat

How to save someone if they are in a boating accident

  1. Call 911

  2. Use first aid kit

  3. Remove from water immediately.

  4. Figure out if the victim was hurt by an animal

  5. Alert other boaters.

  6. Stay calm and do not exert yourself