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2021-2022 Technology Updates

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One to One at Howard

Howard is "one to one", meaning each of our students will be assigned an HP Chromebook to use. The devices will begin to go home starting August 13, 2021. Teachers will NOT assign virtual homework during this time.

Being one to one, we have many online platforms and expectations. The purpose of this document is to offer an easy, one-stop solution for parents and students.

Students ONLY


Visit (do not include "www") for quick access to ALL APS-provided applications such as textbooks and TutorATL. Please note that not all applications in the platform are used by all students at Howard. Your child's teachers will tell them which application to use and when.

Our students can obtain their NET ID from any of their classroom teachers or see Mrs. Powe in the media center. Their password is their lunch number. Again, this can be obtained from any teacher. Parents helping students who are experiencing issues after hours can call 404-802-1000 for support.

Parents & Students

Technology Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if parents need support with the technology resources?

Time can be scheduled to receive support and/or discuss digital resources with Mrs. Powe by emailing her at

2. My child forgot their password. Who do I call?

Call the district tech support hotline, 404-802-1000.

Helpful Documents

Note: This is a "living document". Information will be updated as things change.