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Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson was born on October 23, 1961 in Potsdam, New York. Her second grade teacher was the one that showed her how cool writing was. And Laurie also loved to read, especially historic fiction and science fiction. She never thought about being a writer while growing up, but a doctor instead. Of course she never was a doctor, probably because she had bad grades in chemistry. In her senior year of high school, she moved out on a pig farm which was not the best of course, but it did the job. Everyday she would come home to work a minimum wage job at a clothing store, which eventually got her enough money for college. She attended Onondaga Community College for two years. She transferred to Georgetown University in 1981 and graduated with a B.S.L.L. in languages and linguistics in 1984. For a while, Laurie loved writing, so she eventually became a freelance reporter and stated to write multiple books, which all got rejected. In 1996, Ndito Runs, her first book, was published. Later that year her second book called, Turkey pox, got published. And in 1998, No Time For Mother's Day was published featuring the same characters as Turkey Pox. Since 1993, Laurie had been working on Fever 1793, but took a break and wrote Speak and was published in 1999. Speak turned out to be a really good book and won multiple awards. She finally finished and published Fever 1793 in 2000. After lots of book publishing and awards, she finally published Chains in 2010, and she now lives in New York.



Isabel is the main character, and the rest of the story takes place in New York while Isabel and Ruth are slaves there.


Isabel tells Miss Finch's brother about Mary's will, but he thinks she's making it up. And to make it all worse, Isabel's lawyer is in Boston at the moment and can't help them. So Isabel and Ruth can't be freed.

Rising action:

Isabel and Ruth get sold to the Locktons. Isabel starts working a double life as a patriot spy and a slave. Ruth has multiple seizures and Madam thinks she is possessed so she sells Ruth and makes sure Isabel can't fight back. Then the patriots get captured along with Curzon, and they get treated like slaves by the British. After Madam finds out Isabel is working for the patriots, she threatens to drown Ruth. So Isabel breaks out of the house, breaks Curzon out, who is passed out, and sails away from New York.

The rest of the plot takes place in the other two books of the trilogy.


The story takes place in 1776, and starts out with Isabel and Ruth attending the funeral of Miss Mary Finch. In her will, Isabel and Ruth are to be set free, but her brother doesn't believe them and their lawyer is stuck in Boston. So they get sold to the Locktons instead, who are not very nice people. Along the way, Isabel meets and becomes friends with another slave named Curzon. Isabel and Ruth get abused back at the Locktons and its no fun. Days after, Isabel hears the Locktons plotting to kill general Washington so she go's to colonel Regan about the news. Later, part of New York was set on fire and Isabel helps Lady Seymour escape and lady Seymour and Isabel build a friendship after that. Then the British capture everyone in Fort Washington and puts them in prison. When Mad'dam finds out Isabel is working for the Patriots, she threatens the life of Ruth and locks Isabel in a cage. But Isabel broke out for Ruth and went to go get Curzon out of prison because she cant leave him. Then Isabel asks Curzon if he can walk while they are on the boat sailing away to get Ruth.