I am Thomas

libby Gleason and Armein Greder

I am Thomas is a picture story book written by Libby Gleason and illustrated by Armin Greder. it was published in 2011 and written for readers aged ten and above. the book was created to encourage readers to step and become individuals. Libby Gleason is a popular and inspirational children's, Australian children author . she has written a variety successful picture story books, short stories and novels. Armin Greder migrated from Australia In 1970, from Switzerland. He is known world wide for his illustrations and his unique, original work with Libby Gleason.

I am Thomas revolves around a curious and imaginative boy who is forced to conform to his family, school and community.

" A masterful and compelling new story from the award wining creators of the Great Bear and An ordinary day."

The setting of the story was rather misty and empty except for the globalized, industrial buildings and cities. should the story have much more color-full, it would have not added to the interest of the story.

The main character in the story is Thomas, a gloomy person who does not change his point of perspective, even when his family, school and community tells him to be like them, think like them and speak like them. Thomas is the only character in color , which represents individuality. The people who constantly give never- ending orders to Thomas are colorless, represent conformity.

"I am Thomas" contains many themes which make the reader feel emotional. these include: individuality, conformity and control. If these themes were not the story, the book itself would not have been engaging or compelling.

The mood in the story took me into the actual world where Thomas accommodated, it was so realistic that I started shivering at the sight and moods of the characters and the illustrations. the moods consist of loneliness, mysteriousness and eeriness.

As I read I am Thomas, I realized that he had absolutely no difference in his attitude or behavior. The book also related to Harry Potter of how the muggles were conformists and the wizard and witches were individuals.

The messages of the book was portrayed clearly. The font of the writing matched the darkness of the book. It ended as happy ending.

Overall, I am Thomas is a magnificent and eccentric picture story book though it was sometimes extremely negative but it touched my heart.