"Enjoy the Festival"

The best party of Catalonia

Let's go to Villa Inca!!!!

Come to the Festival!! It is in Villa Inca's town the place where there are a lot of attractions and the best party of Catalonia. Here the people can learn our culture while you're having fun.

Inca's Festival

Wednesday, Aug. 10th 2016 at 9am

Villa Inca


9:00/10:45 swimming relay

11:00/12:30 workshop for children/adults

16:00/18:45 beach football

19:00/21:00 gymkhana beach for children/youth


9:00/12:30 race disabled

20:00/21:00 karaoke

22:00/22:30 fireworks

23:00/02:00 concert


The company organizes partys for people to have fun. They do activities of all types. The president is Erik Montoto Ventosa, he makes all contracts.