Of Mice and Men

Which scene is more interesting, Novel or Movie?

1937 Author John Steinbeck writes the novel "Of Mice and Men"

The main characters of the novel are two men named George Milton and Lennie Small, migrant workers during the Great Depression. The basic plot is that George and Lennie are both friends that look out for each other and are searching for jobs to work at a ranch. They dream of saving up for their own house to live in and a land to farm. Soon they will finally stop moving to different places seeking for a job.
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1992 Gary Sinise Directs the adaptation of the novel titled "Of Mice and Men"

The basic plot of the movie is about two drifters named George Milton played by Gary Sinise and Lennie Small who is mentally disabled played by John Malkovich. They are looking for a ranch to work at so they can save up for their dream of owning a house with 10 acres of land to farm. Whenever Lennie gets in trouble George always rescues him, Eventually, they have to run away.
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Novel Chapter III

This chapter is one of the important parts of the novel because in it Lennie asks George when are they going to live at the place they've been dreaming of. George says he doesn't know because they have to save their money together from working at the ranch. Then one of the other characters, Candy, hears Lennie asking George, “Tell about that place, George.” George describes the place saying “Well, it’s ten acres, got a little win’mill got a little shack on it, an’ a chicken run." He also explains that there will be pigs and also rabbits that Lennie can tend.
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Same scene in the movie version

Sinise's movie version sticks to the book in many instances. When George and Lennie talk about their dream, Candy overhears their conversation and joins them. The words he speaks are the same in both the novel and movie. For example, Candy says, S’pose I went in with you guys. Tha’s three hunderd an’ fifty bucks I’d put in," and also, “I’d make a will an’ leave my share to you guys in case I kick off, ‘cause I ain’t got no relatives nor nothing. However, Sinise makes major changes to this important scene. George does not spit disgustedly on the floor. Candy talking about his dog is inserted here by the director but in the novel he says it much later. Also when Candy asks the two if they have the money to buy the property, George's reply of “We got ten bucks between us.” is echoed by Lennie. This act of Lennie is not in the novel. One more thing, 'George said reverently, “Jesus Christ! I bet we could swing her.' is omitted in the movie.
Of Mice and Men (5/10) Movie CLIP - The Plan Is Set (1992) HD

Which is more interesting, Novel or Movie?

Director Sinise's altered version of this key scene is effective. You can hear the words from the novel being spoken by the characters in various tones, pitch and intensity. Also, you can see the facial expressions, actions and movements of the characters portrayed by the actors. For example, the director does justice in depicting this scene-"They fell into a silence. They looked at one another, amazed." The actors indeed bring to life the characters they are playing from the novel. John Malkoviche convincingly plays the mentally disabled Lennie. When you read the Novel you have to imagine in your mind what the characters look, sound and move. But in the Movie, you don't have to imagine anything. Instead, all you need to do is watch and be entertained. Both Novel and Movie are interesting but I think the Movie is more interesting.