Fan Fiction

This will be about fnaf

Fnaf 1

This is the very first game it has a lot of jump-scares it also has a lot of character such as, freddy, Bonnie, chica, foxy, and a secret that I do not want to say but warning this game if you are 5 or younger this game can give you nightmares.
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Fnaf 2

This version is very similar to the first and you are in a different place there are new animatronics which I think it is cool the new ones are, Mangle, Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, and more this game has no doors and people play this game but it still does give night mares.
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Fnaf 3

This game just came out and I only know one character and his name is spring trap the old characters are in it but they are just ghosts and spring trap is the only one that can kill you this game can still give nightmares
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