With Thanks

Thanks to so many

Dear CAES School Family,

Our Thanksgiving Banquet was a success, thanks to so many of you who helped in a variety of ways. The dinner was absolutely delicious! The students did a wonderful job with their parts. The music was so enjoyable. All the parents and others who stepped in and did the things that needed done - thank you very much! Thanks to all!

It did not get mentioned that the 7th and 8th graders created their own plays. I thought they were outstanding.

Mrs. Irene Inman's funeral is today. She would come to our school every Monday for at least six years and listen to children read in my classroom, and do other things around here that needed doing. Always with a smile. She was known as Grandma Inman here. The school has sent a lovely plant in her honor. If you knew her, and would like to put in a few dollars to cover the expense, in appreciation and recognition of her gift to us, it would be appreciated. Just put it in the box in the hall, marked as such.

I will be out of the building the next few school days. My mother left me the little family cabin in Madera Canyon, AZ. It needs attention. No one has been in it for five years. My husband and I are making the trip to take care of things which must be done before another winter sets in. We are driving.... Mrs. Carol Brewer will be taking my classroom while I am away. I can be reached on my phone, although there isn't always service on the mountain, so leave a message if you need to get ahold of me and I will return your call.

I wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for, don't we! As I count my blessings this year, I thank God for each of your children and for the privilege of serving them here in God's little school. It is a privilege to work for the Lord here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Olson