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Garage Door Tips: Proper Garage Door Maintenance

There are possible inconvenience you would actually encounter if you fail to apply the corrective garage door maintenance such as your garage door won’t open after few attempts of pressing the remote control or it greets you with unnecessary noise. These situations would make you feel bad and can be a source of irritation. However, if you learn on how to apply the proper maintenance, you would actually counteract something harmful or undesirable.

This article is composed of proper maintenance that you should apply every now and then.


Lubricating the moving parts of the door is an essential task. Why? Because it helps the door to do move freely and it impedes the door to create an unnecessary sound. So, lubricate the moving parts like tracks, bearing, hinges and rollers by using WD40.


Inspect the springs - How to know if the springs are too loose or not? Well, just simply open the door in a halfway position and then let go of the door. Notice, when the door moves up, well it is an indication that the springs are too tight. But when the door closes, then, the springs are too loose. Remember, if the springs are broken do not let yourself to replace them. It is better to call pro!

Inspect the tracks - Check the alignment of the tracks. If they are improperly lined up just loosen or tighten the bolts to level them appropriately.


Never forget to hire repairman when there are tough garage door issues occur. It is better to leave those issues to the hand of an expert repairman. For sure, they can handle any issue you have effectively. Meet more reliable repairman here!

So, those are the proper maintenance you’ll have to do every now and then. Easy yet truly effective!