Railroad Tracks

Chugging Along

Transcontinental Railroad

In 1862 building a transcontinental railroad would link the United States from east to west. Over the next seven years, the two companies would race toward each other from Sacramento, California on the one side and Omaha Nebraska on the other, struggling against great risks before they met at Promontory Utah, on May 10, 1869. It was very dangerous because of the Native Americans would commit brutal and bloody attacks on the workers. Soon after starting to build they hired Chinese workers because they were cheaper and here were more of them.

The Beginning of Railroads

The First Railroad

The first railroad was the Baltimore to Ohio railroad, also known as the B&O railroad from Monopoly. It was created because there was no canals in Baltimore and they needed a thing to transport things such as good and people. It's slogan was "Linking 13 great states to the nation". It was officially organized on April 24th, 1827.This railroad was the first and led the way for many more. Without this railroad people would not have seen how effective they were and how much they could have been used for.
U.S. Railroad History Map 1830 - 1990s


1.) The difference between British railroads and American railroads is the correct way to lay tracks. They both had different opinions. The British ran on straight tracks across flat ground whereas the Americans ran curved tracks over rivers and mountains.

2.)The difference between railroad travel and wagon travel is that trains were quicker and could haul a lot more stuff. However the trains were a lot more dangerous cause the wagons only traveled at a max speed of 2 miles per hour.

3.)How much railroad changed between 1840 and 1860?

Look in video above.