The Little Magician

The presidency of Martin Van Buren

His Decisions and Career Path

After being a lawyer at early ages, he became tenth secretary of state under Andrew Jackson. He later became vice president (under Jackson, 1833-1837.) After Jackson finished his terms, Buren took over and became the 8th president (1837-1841.) He was successful until financial panic arose early in his time in office. He blamed it on Jackson's strict rules on the bank. He also opposed annexation of Texas because he knew it would be admitted as a slave state (which he was against slavery) and might cause war with Mexico. John Tyler later admitted Texas into the U.S. Due to his trials, errors, and problematic presidency, he contributed to todays politics :).

Additional Information on Martin Van Buren

  • He was 5 foot 6 inches tall
  • Born in 1782 and died in 1862 at age 79
  • Served two full terms of presidency
  • Was a lawyer at early ages
  • Nicknamed the "Little Magician"
  • Was leader of the Albany Regency in 1820