Miss Heminger's TK Class Newsletter



Hello parents and families!

We had a wonderful first week of school. This week the students learned the basic procedures of the classroom. It was also all about getting them comfortable in the classroom so they are ready to learn next week.

Please remember to...

1. Have your child bring his or her backpack. We will start sending homework and other things home in the folders next week.

2. Sign up for Remind if you have not yet!

Thank you so much for waiting patiently at dismissal as I call the children one by one. It makes our dismissal process safe and easy! Also, it was wonderful meeting all of you at back to school night.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

-Miss Heminger


Sneak Peak at Next Week!

-We are going over the letters F and B

-We are going over the numbers 0 and 1

-We are going over shapes and patterns

-We are going over the sight words "I" and "red"

-We will get our first library book and book bag