Misson San Antonio De Padua

Dana Lyons


Year built : 14,1771 year closed : Mission San Antonio de Padua is the 3rd .Indians at the mission -Salinas Indians . The founder of the: Fr.Junipero Serra .The Important Youkuts Elsselen Salinas on 1771 . The Baja California entered the Valley Oaks in 1773 .It was moved to another location 1780 the wheat crop was destroyed

Daily Life at Mission

The Indians who lived there are the Salian . Fr. Juniper was in charge . All the Indians did a job was to feed ,clothes . The crops they grew were vineyards ,olive groves and also wheat fields.There were no schools in san Antonio De Padua. There was a church and other buildings like a workshop and a museum. They don't get free time because they work to make the food




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