Summer Teacher Academy

Important information!

Scheduled During Your Optional Workdays this Year!

August 15, 16, 17


1st Round - May 5-19

2nd Round - May 23-27

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An Essential Piece of Information

ALL teachers in grades 1-5 who teach science MUST attend a training for the S.E.T. kits we are getting this year. IF you choose to not attend this training during these days for whatever reason, YOU WILL NEED TO ATTEND training in another district this summer. We will not receive the kits until you do so unless you have attended the i3 Laser training in the past on this exact kit.

Here are other options and dates (exact locations (TBD):

Johnston County - June 14th-15th

Cleveland County - June 16th-17th

McDowell County - August 10th-11th

McDowell County - August 18th-19th

Kits we will be using are:

1 - Soil

2 - Sound

3 - Plant growth and development

4 - Rocks and Minerals

5 - Motion and Design

Some Important Sessions To Think About:

  • Mental Health Literacy and Crisis Training - 2 day training
  • Understanding and Responding our Military Children - 1/2 day
  • CPR Training - 4 hour - (Will be trying to get our own here at PES as well)
  • Literacy and Content Options Provided Daily
  • DIBELS Training
  • Comprehension Training for Written Responses
  • Yoga in the classroom - should be a terrific course!
  • Teaching Children of Trauma - This is happening here. Might be a great opportunity for us to learn about.