Al Capone

One of the worlds worst gang members in the world

Early years

Capone was born on January,17,1899 to Gabriel and Teresa Capone. His family was poor in his childhood as they immigrated from Italy. Al Capone had a rough childhood. He grew up in a rough part of Brooklyn. When he was 14, he slapped a teacher and got expelled from school. He never returned. His mom and dad were Italian immigrants. He started a gang at age 11 and beat up a kid that stole a washboard from a old lady. This was the first sign of gang life of Al Capone.

Capone's crimes

  • Capone's multi-million dollar Chicago operation in bootlegging,prostitution and gambling dominated the organized crime scene.
  • Valentines day masccare -
  • He did a lot of bootlegging and gambling

Prison for Capone

Alcatraz wasn't his first jail. He went to some other ones then he went to Alcatraz. In his other jails he had a designed bed and room. But at Alcatraz he had a regular room like everyone else. He was released from Alcatraz January,6,1939. He was in block 85-AZ. Capone spent the first 2 years in federal prison in Atlanta. Capone was held accountable for bloody and horror thing of murder to other people.

His final days

He died January,25,1947 Because of a Cardiac arrest. He died in Palm beach Miami Florida. He also had a disease called syphilis. When Capone died, a New York Times headline trumpeted, “End of an Evil Dream.