Eli Evans

Christian, husband, father & raconteur.

Eli Evans is a Software Interaction Designer for Logos Bible Software. He is responsible for designing the user experience of Logos products.

In 1995, he started at Logos as a junior copy editor in the Electronic Text Development department. From 1997-2004 he managed that department along with Rick Brannan. During that time, he worked on hundreds of books including the Early Church Fathers, developed automatic Bible reference tagging software, created an SGML-based document schema for encoding Logos books, and designed and developed process and workflow improvements. In 2004, the Design & Editorial department was created, and he moved to production and design of Hebrew databases, including the Andersen-Forbes Annotated Text of the Hebrew Bible. He developed editing tools for building reverse interlinears, traditional interlinears, language entry, and morphology annotation. In 2006, he moved to interaction design full time to work on specifications for Logos Bible Software 4.0.

Eli writes the “Bible as Art” column for Bible Study Magazine. He resides in Ferndale, WA with his wife, Olga, and their five children.

He blogs about design, technology, and other topics at www.supakoo.com, and theology and literature at www.StrangerPilgrim.com. You should follow him on Twitter @_eevans.