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We are currently doing fitness assessment consultations. Inspire, Motivate and Educate is the motto that we stand for at 1 More Set. At the same time, you as a prospect and potential client, you will appreciate the approach that we take when you come in for your test drive, becoming addicted to the concept of educational and 30 minute programming and leaving invigorated, wanting more.

Fitness With A Purpose

What are Your Goals?

Did you know that only have an 8% chance of achieving a fitness goal on your own? However, another staggering fact is that you ONLY have a 20% chance of reaching that goal when you hire a personal trainer. Sounds crazy? Of course it is, but its a fact! When asked why goals weren't reached, the report stated that it was lack of motivation on the part of the the client and lack of Education and inspiration by the Trainer.

I am Proud to say that at 1 More Set we have a 80-90% success rate at achieving those goals that you set for yourself. That's why we are giving a great opportunity to come and get a full assessment and consultation.

What you can Expect at your consultation:

Body Fat Percentage

Body Mass Index Calculation

Proper Meal Planning Assessment

Fitness Assessment

Full Goal Setting Game Plan

Let us show you

at 1 More Set, we are committed to bringing you quality programming and education that will separate you from those that set goals to Achieving Goals - and BEYOND.
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