Death for an alliance?

Well that escalated quickly.

Bring them home.

World War One

Weapons and Bombs

Invented a Machine Gun

We got some crying moms

Loosing lives for an alliance

All because Austria-Hungary

This isn't science

Soldiers are hungry

Bring them home

Forget this war

Before they get domed

Do it before red pours.

The picture above shows two soliders dug into a trench, wearing first concept gas masks, while manning a newly invented machine gun.

Dear Soldier,

I hope you get to read this, and make your day. War sounds awful, sitting in a trench of mud with bullets and bombs. Some wounded soliders came back and told us that they were using poison gas. Please keep that gas mask close, it's a painful and terrifying death. Just wanted to tell you that we are supporting you here at home, my mother is making bullets at a factory and I have taken a job at a farm. I hope we can do our part to support your's as much as we can. Thank you for your service, stay strong and keep your head down.

You aren't alone,

15 year old child.

Not-Fun Facts of World War I

  • The Triple Entendent lost about 5 million soliders.
  • The Central Powers lost about 4 million soliders.
  • Total number of soldiers that were lost was just about 9.7 million.